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Council Fundraiser

Can I be both a Promotional Partner and a Reseller?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We highly recommend selling online and at your council and camp Trading Posts. That generates revenue from both online and "brick and mortar" locations. Even more, it promotes Scouting as more garments become "walking billboards" because you offer more purchasing options.

As a Reseller, what's the minimum quantity I can purchase?

We sell Inventory Packs with predefined sizes and quantities from a special Reseller Store. Total pack quantities include 150, 300, or 600. Your council name appears on the back of these garments. You may also order mixed & matched sizes and quantities to fill out your inventory, provided total quantity exceeds 75 garments.

How do I place a Reseller inventory pack or mixed & matched order?

Orders are placed online 24/'7 at a special Reseller Store. Please note we're unable to accept orders via email or other means.

What's the shipping cost of Reseller inventory?

Inventory Packs have a set shipping fee charged when placing the order. Shipping fees for mixed & matched orders are determined at check out, which is based on volume.

When do I get my check?

For Promotional Partner and Referral revenue, you receive payment approximately the 7th of each month following a full month in the program. Included is a summary of Promotional Partner and Reseller garments sold.

Why does YMS make most of the profit?

We don't! You make up to $5/T-shirt. with minimal effort. YMS makes about $4.30 after paying for the T-shirts, website and credit card fees, shipping and other expenses. What's more, YMS spent nearly $30,000 in developing the program.

Why don't I just design my own T-shirt and source it locally?

Simple ... you raise more money as a Promotional Partner. Assuming an inventory of 300 garments retailed at $19.95, the DYI option nets only $785, compared to $1,200 as a Promotional Partner. Just do the math. Why re-invest the well for less revenue?

Who can I contact with questions?

Answering questions and keeping you informed is exceptionally important to us. Please feel free to contact Jeff via voice or text at 801-726-9075 or via Email.

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