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Council Fundraiser Instructions

Thanks for joining the fun! How you continue from here depends on your level of participation. Look over the information below and act according. We suggest you bookmark this page!


You want to accept


We "comb" the Internet looking for members interested in purchasing our T-shirt and willing to donate to your council.. We forward the donation to you—and it costs you nothing! Please keep the following in mind ...

  • You'll receive a check about the 7th day of each month for donations received from your membership

  • Your first payment arrives after your first full month in the program

  • We keep 20% of the donation in order to pay for this website


You're a

Promotional Partner

As a Promotional Partner, you "push" sales through our Retail Store, then receive $4 for each T-shirt sold to your membership. The more you push, the more you make! At a minimum, you should download Marketing Resources (see GREEN folder at left), then ...

  • EMAIL ...

    • ​Council membership through your internal systems using the EmailAdvert.jpg. Instructions

    • Key volunteers, asking them to share a Facebook Post

  • PUBLISH a web banner on Council, District, Lodge, NYLT and Wood Badge web pages using the WebBanner.jpg (see Marketing Files)

  • SHARE this Facebook Post on ...

    • Council and District social media pages

    • Facebook Scouting group social media sites

  • WRITE POSTS on Council and District newsletters and blogs


    • Roundtables

    • Training courses

    • Service center reception, camp and registration desks

  • ASK Council employees to "talk up" the T-shirt to promote word-of-mouth advertising

  • Please keep in mind ...

    • You'll receive a check approximately the 7th day of each month

    • Your first payment shall arrive after your first full month in the program


You generate Referrals

By referring us to another council, you earn $1 for every T-shirt sold to their membership. To track those sales, the referred council must specify your council name while registering. So make sure your friends "drop your name" when signing up!


You're a Reseller

Because you buy our T-shirt at a wholesale price from our Reseller Store you make the lion's share of profits. But it also means you work harder in managing the program. The Bottom line? If it's worth it, it's worth it—you decide!

Please note the above advertising resources may only be used if you participate as a Promotional Partner . . . A Scout is Trustworthy. Of course, you can be a Promotional Partner and Reseller at the same time. You benefit from online and "brick & mortar" sales.

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